A Robot Named 3M

Today I got out some ancient technology: the overhead projector.

Molly and I feel quite ancient ourselves, since the overhead projector was cutting edge technology when we were in elementary school.  These kiddos have clearly never seen such a contraption before.

We are learning about light and shadows, and I planned to use the overhead projector to play a little “guess the mystery shadow” game to help us learn that shadows look like the object.  But first, the following things were said:

  • Look!  Miss K has a robot!
  • Is that a robot, Miss K? (this question is repeated about 25x)
  • Child stands next to the projector and puts one arm in the air with his hand pointing forward – After a moment of confusion I realize he is doing an impression of the projector.
  • Children clammer around, examining this mysterious object (which I should add has been in plain sight all year)
  • One child reads the logo 3M on the front of the projector
  • Children are still whispering to one another while finishing their work, pointing excitedly, and a child runs up to hug me and tell me, “You’re the best!”
  • We should get a class dinosaur!

Because I am incredibly amused at this point, I ask the kids what they think it is and what they think it does.  Some of their answers:

  • A robot that does the robot dance (which of course my students demonstrate for me, doing the robot far better than I could ever hope or dream of dancing)
  • A camera
  • A camera that when it takes your picture it makes you be in a costume

But my favorite moment of the entire exchange:

Student 1: We have a robot!  Should we name our robot?

Student 2: It already has a name: 3M!

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