The Ultimate Compliment


The kids already call me princess when I drop them off for lunch (I promise I didn’t initiate this.  I just stand there and say, “Enjoy your lunch” and a group of girls reply, “You too, Princess!”)  So you might be wondering what compliment could be better than that.

I will tell you.

“I like your necklace.  It is like Hannah Montana!”

Since I am not a boy I cannot strive for a Justin Bieber compliment.  Hannah Montana is the next best thing.  Good job, self.  Glad I dress like Miley Cyrus on her most innocent of days.

My fashion inspiration?? (no wait, that is Beth Moore :))


I’m guessing that my “Hannah Montana Jewelry” is partially to blame for this last comparison the kids came up with in our reading lesson:

When I acted real excited about it, they then began to chant, “Miss Karsjens is awesome.”  I probably should have reminded the kid who also said he hates me of the chanting…