Why kids are horrible April Foolers

The setting: kindergarten.

The scene: Molly, my assistant, has just “fallen asleep” on the carpet where I do most of my teaching.  The kids start pointing at her from where we are having our morning meeting, and I act confused and send one over to investigate.  The conclusions: yes, she is indeed asleep.  We take our bathroom break and then head in to sit on said carpet, surrounding her.  **while in the hallway, a little girl covers her mouth, still in shock, and says, “I can’t wait to tell my mom that my teacher is sleeping!” ** I read the children a non-fiction book about April Fool’s Day and mid-reading, Molly sits up and shouts BOO!  She was a little disappointed, because I promised her screams like Shawn and I had experienced a few years ago doing this.  Instead, the children sat there, shell-shocked, staring at her in confusing and disbelief.  After about 30 seconds of silence, we said, “April Fools!” they broke into nervous laughter, and soon couldn’t stop talking about how they were so scared and how it was such a funny joke.  Yes, yes, we are in fact hilarious.

Then I led them in making a super lame awesome April Fool’s Day art project – which naturally, they LOVED.

"Mom, look at the cute bear I made today at kindergarten!"

and then… drumroll please… you flip it over and say:

"April Fool's! I made a bunny!" bahahahahaha


Fast forward to the rest of the day:

Number of times they tried the fake sleeping joke on me: 3.

Number of times they told us something was behind us: at least 1,000. Molly tallied about 24 spiders behind her.  I had at least that many as well.  Which for sure adds up to 1,000.

Number of students who jumped out at me from behind something and then I had a delayed reaction of pretending to be scared and they totally believed it and dissolved into giggles: 1.

My favorite “April Fools Day Joke”: One little boy told me there was a spider behind me and I pretended to be scared and look for it, and instead of saying, “April Fools” he says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”