Kindergarten Authors

We are now authors in kindergarten.  Tired of their lame journal entries, “I like my mom” and “I see a cat”, I decided to switch up how we do writing in kindergarten.  Thanks to a journal article I read (for grad school… don’t worry – I haven’t started reading academic journals for fun), this book from my mom 

and some blank pages stapled together, my kids are turning into budding little authors.  The highlight of the lesson is when I did exactly what the character in the book did, and passed around a kleenex box with a mirror inside.  I told them they could look inside to meet a really special author.  You’d think they’d know what would happen since we just read this same scenario in the book, but rather than rolling their eyes, they saw their reflection in the mirror, their faces lit up, and with wonder they exclaimed, “I’m an author!”

They can write their books about anything they want.  So far we have about 5 finished novellas.  Watch for some of these classics in your local library someday soon:

"I Love Animals" - note the egg that the chicken just laid...

Haunted Mansion: a death defying tale of a zombie named ZooBoo.

Haunted Mansion: a death defying tale of a zombie named ZooBoo.


The epic tale of "The Little Cheese and the Little Circle"

Stars in Houses. I don't know what to say about the topic. Sounds thrilling?

And last, but certainly not least: Share Hate. Or rather: "Shirts with Hearts" an exciting adventure of 3 best friends who go shopping for various colors of shirts with hearts...

I can’t wait to see what my little writers come up with next!


3 thoughts on “Kindergarten Authors

    • Oh yes, I don’t think you could get away with that lesson past first grade – MAYBE second grade. But my K kids gobbled it up.

      When I saw her writing the title of her book I could hear what she was sounding out, and I loved so much what I saw her writing – I can only imagine though what her mother will say though when she comes home with a book entitled Share Hate.

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