The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

On Monday I was delighted when I drove out of my neighborhood.  I thought, “Something seems different. I’m not sure what it is, but I like it!”  Then I thought about it for approximately 2.7 seconds and I realized that the rain and “warm” temps had caused the giant snowbanks on the corners of the street to melt away to nothingness, and I could actually see out into traffic, and safely turn out of my neighborhood.  It felt good.

On Tuesday I woke up confused.  I did not understand why I was confused.  I only knew that I deeply desired to go back to sleep.  Then I thought about it for approximately 10 minutes (the length of my snooze on my alarm) and when I woke back up, I realized it was raining.  This sound is not new to me, and it should not have confused me.

On Tuesday we had indoor recess.  I wanted the rain to stop.

Then I read the forecast for more SNOW.  WHAT.!?  Not ok.  I of course promptly wrote a letter to the local weather forecaster, apologizing for complaining about the rain causing indoor recess, and asking them to change their mind about the impending snow doom.

Then I read in my email that my school’s city is looking for people to sandbag.

Kindergarten field trip???  I kid, I jest, that is a terrible idea.

Then my friend sent me this from MPR:

When you volunteer to sandbag, keep these tips from MPR in mind:

1- Be young. A little work won’t kill you and, besides,
-2- Plan on meeting the guy — or woman — of your dreams. You’ll know it’s the person of your dreams because he — or she — will volunteer to do the shoveling.
-3- Two or three shovelfuls of sand will do it. Remember: Some elderly couple who met each other at a sandbagging event many, many years ago, is going to have to pick these up.
-4- Don’t tie the bags. It takes too much time, and makes it more difficult to pass the bag in a sandbag line. The person at the end of the line who has to place it on the dike just folds the top under.

My fav is point #2.  If you are sandbagging and you are not planning to meet the person of your dreams, it is important to remember that is what others have come for, so be careful in teaming up with someone to fill sand bags.

Then again… maybe you don’t need to help the community to find love, you can just be rich!  At least according to a second grader’s creative writing my coworker told me about today.

Writing prompt: If I had a million dollars…

Student response: I will buy myself a man.

… not sure that is legal, but let me know if it works out for ya, kid!


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