City Four: Prague

The final destination of our summer sister holiday will be Prague!  I am very excited for this, because I have heard it is a beautiful city and I have wanted to visit it for years, but never really thought I would.

Amber has a saying, “When it doubt, do it for the story” and I also embrace that idea (this is probably why we are friends), and enjoy dragging my sister along with me 🙂

Here are exhibits A and B of dragging my (willing) sister along with me on some ridiculous traveling experiences.

Meeting a complete stranger in Japan for a personal tour of Tokyo, including being dressed in Yukata...

Please be sure and note the finger in the corner.  Masami pretty much struggled with my camera.  And that was in the days of my point and shoot.  She would probably panic if I handed her my DSLR.  Read more about our kimono adventures here.

This is the day in Japan we swam in weird things: like coffee, sake, rosewater, and wine. And practiced our Japanese Poses

If you are in Japan, it is a requirement to take pictures in this pose.  The kids in Japan taught me well, and I passed this knowledge on to Rachel.  Read about our adventures here.

So, what adventures do we have up our sleeves for Prague?  Well, you will have to tune back in this summer for the full scoop, but for sure we plan to attend a show at the black light theater.  We love the theater, and this sounds creepy and awesome and like it will make for a great story.

Here are some other descriptions of amazing things in Prague we will need to see, just based on the internets (specifically these excerpts are from and

  • Prague Castle: Constructed in the 9th century by Prince Boøivoj, the castle transformed itself from a wooden fortress surrounded by earthen bulwarks to the imposing form it has today. A self-transforming castle?  Perfect.
  • We will be avoiding the “Prague New Town” after reading this description: Today it is not particularly attractive to tourists because of its modernness.
  • A special atmosphere reigns in the little street by the Prague Castle, called the Golden Lane. It is lined with small picturesque houses, that look rather like doll´s houses than people´s homes. Human doll houses?  I am there.  
  • Prague is a fairy-tale town of magical beauty sitting at the very hearth of Europe.
    Frequently it is said to be difficult or even impossible to admire it fully in the course of several days only. Even more intricate is thus trying to introduce it using nothing but a couple of words. I won’t make you try.  I will just come and see it myself.
  • An absolute must on any tourist’s list is also Petrin park with its dominant observation tower sitting majestically on top of Petrin Hill. But do be careful not to mistake it for its bigger sister – the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Yes, I can see how it would be tricky to forget that you are not actually in France.  I will try to refrain from greeting people with “bonjour” while in this part of Prague.
  • I am fully convinced that during your sightseeing tour Golden Prague will cast its spell on you as it has been doing to visitors for many years and is sure to continue doing to everyone that passes its invisible gates for many years to come. Hmm… a little creepy, but I will stay strong and still come.

My sister and I bought our little bro a Prague book a few years ago when he was traveling there.  Looks like we really bought ourselves a gift, as we have now reclaimed it for our own trip.  Win!

And thus concludes the planning portion of our trip.  Or at least the pre-vacation blogging about our trip.  We will probably do some real planning someday soon.  Or in the next months.  I just won’t make you sit through our planning.  Thanks to those of you who have traveled to these places and shared your tips and must-sees with me!  If you have been to any of these places, I’d love to hear from you!

To recap: Munich – Salzburg – Vienna – Prague.  It will be magical.  But not creepy magical like the Prague website would lead you to believe.


One thought on “City Four: Prague

  1. Very happy that you will be spending time in Prague when it is not the dead of winter and in negative temps!
    Needless to say, I didn’t get to see much of Prague last year (either because I was falling on the ice or because the sun set at 5PM)
    But, it is a beautiful city! Highlights for me were the funky dinner, Dynamo, and stumbling into a Ukrainian art gallery when a painter was creating his latest masterpiece. The first one was planned, the second was because we got hopelessly lost trying to find the Charles Bridge.

    Your trip sounds amazing! I know you’ll have a wonderful time!

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