City Two: The Hills Are Alive


Our first sisters-only trip. My college graduation gift to San Fran! We wear less jean jackets on our trips these days...

Here is a city that I have wanted to go to for approximately ten years.  Maybe longer.  Sad – I am old.

This is the city that started the whole European Vacation.

This is Salzburg.

Home of Mozart and Julie Andrews.

Ok, not really home of Julie Andrews – but of the Von Trapp family, yes.  Or at least of the filming of the Sound of Music.  This has been my favorite movie since the age of three.  My mother loved that it was my favorite, because it is a three hour movie.

We will most definitely be taking the Sound of Music tour while in Salzburg.  This has been my dream since I first learned about it while in High School (another thanks to Frau).  It is a dream I never thought would become reality.  I will not need to practice my leaping skills though, because I hear the gazebo is padlocked due to an unfortunately incident where some tourist tried to re-enact Liesl’s Sixteen Going On Seventeen and fell and broke a hip.  That would be a bit of a vacationing downer.

Other reasons Salzburg will be great to visit include:

Their world famous Marionette Theater!  (not sure why all of these Europe posts have included references to puppets) but we are excited because while we are there, our performance options include The Magic Flute and the Sound of Music.  While I did play the flute once upon a time, I don’t think you can compete with Sound of Music – think of the marionette scene – being re-enacted by marionettes!  Does it get much better than that?

Visiting the Salt Mines includes wearing oompa-loompa jumpsuits.

Because we like to live on the edge, we will probably visit Hellbrunn Castle, with its trick fountains.

We will be looking for trip sponsors so that we can stay here while in Salzburg.

We also hope to take in some classical music, since Mozart wants us to.  Who can argue with Mozart?

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