City One: Munich

Our first destination revealed: Munich.  Congratulations to those of you playing along at home!

If you ignore the adorable boy in the middle, dressed in his finest sailor clothes, you can enjoy this not-so-recent sister pic to get you in the spirit for our sister adventures!

I don’t know how to make the umlauts, but my heart wants to me to call Munich – Muenchen – in rememberance of all that I learned in German class in High School.  Thanks Frau!  (and yes, I realize the fact that we called our German teacher Frau is like just calling her Mrs.  I don’t know why it was a thing… it just was)

In fact, Frau has a lot to be thanked for in the planning of this trip.  We will be flying into Munich because that’s what planes from the United States do, but because of all the neat things we learned about in German, I feel a need to see these sights before leaving the city.  My kind-hearted sister has granted my wish of an extra day to spend in Munich, even though she has been there twice, and thus it is pretty much her home away from home.

While in Munich, I feel the need to see the Glockenspiel at the Neues Rathaus.  We learned so much about it in class, that I have to see it!

AND the Frauenkirche is in Munich!  Which has the doppel zwiebelturm – these were highlighted in the book on tape: Geheime Mission (secret mission) that we read/listened to in the language lab.  This is the description I found of it online: This spellbinding tale of industrial espionage is intended for beginning students. The other weird things we remember from this epic tale include something about lipstick and something about a potato cellar.

We also could go to the Olympic Park, since that seems to be a thing us spinster sisters do.

I was excited about the prospect of the English Gardens – because we all know how much I love gardens – but then I read on and discovered it is a favorite place for nude sunbathers.  Not really my cup of tea.

At Lonely Planet, this quote caught my eye, “Nobody’s looking for a puppeteer in today’s wintry climate.”  This led me to believe that Munich will be filled with sad looking ventriloquists meandering the streets with a puppet dangling off their hand.  But then I kept reading, “Not all news is grim news in the puppet world, and puppetry is still thriving and even growing in popularity in certain puppet hotspots.”  WHEW!  Thanks Lonely Planet!

A college roommate of mine lives near Munich – perhaps I’ll have to find some ideas from her to help plan our itinerary!  We won’t have a lot of time in this city, but I currently only have two Muenchen dreams to make come true while we are there.  Perhaps there are more dreams that she can tell me about which I am just not aware yet that I should be dreaming of!