Return of the Spinster Sisters

Ok, this title is a bit misleading.  We haven’t actually gone anywhere.  In fact, this post is more to tell you that we will be going somewhere.  Hooray!

Right now we are working on researching our destination.  I will give you some clues from the internets, guidebooks, and my heart, to help you figure out where we will be traveling on Spinster Sister Vacation Take 2.  (this is under the assumption that you care enough about our travel plans to play along).  This is also a bit misleading because strictly speaking, it will be our fifth trip together, but only the second under the formal, and quite catchy, title of Spinster Sisters.

Clue #1 We will not be going anywhere we have gone together before.  That list officially includes: San Francisco, Chicago, Tokyo, O Canada, and this summer’s destination.  In fact, we are even branching out to a new continent.  Not new to us, or new to the world, but new to us collectively.

Clue #1b We will be traveling to four cities in three counties during our trip. Well, four countries if you include our layover in the land of our forefathers.

Clue #2 City Three had on the official website this question: “At this very moment, young men are waltzing.  On horseback.  Want to join them?”

Clue #3 City One

Clue #4 We will be reliving my favorite movie from the time I was three years old when we visit City Two

Clue #5 My coworker visited City Four and saw the musical Cats in black light.  Creepy?  yes.

Clue #6 This is the front cover of our tour book.  Can we see this in person?  That would be amazing.

Clue #7 Potential modes of transportation include: plane, train, riverboat cruise, subway, taxi, hackney coach, wooden slide in a mine.

Clue #8 Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Clue #9 City Four describes itself as such on its website: “is a fairy tale town of magical beauty sitting at the very hearth of ***” Yes, this description does sound more like something ridiculous I would say than something an official city website would say.  For this reason alone, I must travel here.

Clue #10 Mozart, Mozart, Mozart

Clue #11 My sister just told me that you take a bridge to get to one of our hotels.  This leads me to believe that our hotel will have a moat.  This is probably not accurate, but it creates a magical picture in my head.

Tickets are purchased, our hearts are brimming with joyful excitement, and most importantly… the hills are alive, with the sound of music… dreams are about to come true.

** The only lowlight is that we will be celebrating Canada Day on an airplane this year.  Perhaps we will bring small Canadian flags for everyone on our flight **