Wild, Wild, West

**I apologize if you are my facebook friend and thus this is old news**

I am considering teaching a unit on the Wild West in kindergarten.  I specifically would like to educate them on Vocabulary of the Old West (This is clearly an appropriate kindergarten topic, right?)

My first two lessons will be:

COWGIRLS are different from CALLGIRLS.

When we play four corners after recess, the person who is “it” is referred to as the “cowboy” or “cowgirl”, mostly because that is what the teacher across the hall does and all my students now think it is a universal rule.  We have them hold a ridiculous blue cowboy hat with blue streamer trim in front of their face so that they can’t be a cheater and peek who is in each corner.  That being said, a few weeks ago we came inside and a little girl shouts down the hall to me, asking, “Miss K, who is the next callgirl???”  (although looking at the picture, maybe I should use a less ridiculous cowboy hat to better differentiate between cowgirls and callgirls)

Hairstyling is not done at the saloon.

A little girl came in her with hair freshly styled in some cute little twists sticking off her head in every direction (love this look) and she excitedly told us that her mom didn’t do her hair today.  Nope!  She went to the saloon and had it done.  Did I correct her?  Nope.  I just reveled in the amazing mispronunciation of salon.

And luckily, I already know what plaid flannel I would wear to teach these important lessons.  Perhaps the same one that I unthinkingly wore on Sunday to see my cousin star in Oklahoma.  My brother made the same coordinating mistake.  After the show I had to zip up my fleece all the way because two feet away from me was a cast member wearing virtually the same shirt as me.  Embarrassing! 🙂

The following would not be covered in our “Western” unit, but perhaps in our traditions unit (which we actually teach).

One of my kids lost a tooth, and he excitedly told Mrs. T that he saw the toothfairy when she came.  I was concerned that he was about to dejectedly describe his mom.  No need for alarm.  Turns out the tooth fair has rainbow colored hair that magically changes colors and sparkly wings.


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