Adventures: Alligators and Airboats

Because we are in the business of making dreams come true, yesterday we set out at the crack of dawn (ok, maybe it was 10am) to make Tiffany’s waffle house dreams come true.  Upon arrival at the waffle house, which was approximately 1.2 miles from our house, we sat basically in the kitchen and prepared ourselves to be wowed (two of us had never been).  We almost didn’t make it out of the Waffle House alive, since they had a bad batch of pre-packaged jellies, and Rachel opened up the jelly for our shared toast and discovered a coating of mold.  They were mostly horrified, and ripped Tiffany’s jelly packet and knife out of her hand before she could try to ingest it.  After this near-crisis, we ate some tasty breakfast and set out for the country.  Or most specifically: the Everglades (we ARE in Florida afterall!)

A slight detour to purchase God’s gift to sunburn (Banana Boat After Sun Lotion), we soon arrived in alligator country. Little did we know to what extent our alligator dreams would be coming true.

That last statement might have led you to believe we were nearly eaten by an alligator, or that one jumped out of the water at us to bite off our hand.  Neither of those things are true.  Rather, we saw one alligator on our airboat ride. I thought we saw two.  Turns out we saw the same one on the way in and the way out.  Huh.  After our fun and educational airboat ride (or death-trap-like ride, if you are one of my friends who feared for her life the whole time) through the mangroves, we got directions to go a bit further down the road to a viewing area, where Rachel got to try on an alligator tooth on her finger.  I think this will teach her a valuable lesson about giving a sassy answer to the park ranger 🙂  We then traveled about 2 miles into the reserve and we ended up seeing probably 50 alligators. We thought about counting, but there were too many.  It was amazing!  They were laying on the banks of the water, swimming lazily, and enjoying life.

Here is a fun fact I learned about alligators.  In the winter they are in kind of hibernation mode and they will lay out by each other and be friends.  Not so much in the summer.  In the summer they will eat each other.  I’d like to think there is a life lesson that can be pulled from this.  However, I mostly am too tired to think of something clever.  You are really just lucky I came back 5 days after starting this post and finished it.  Vacationing takes a lot of out of you!  Or rather, coming back to reality takes a lot out of you.


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