Lessons in Vacationing

We have learned so much!  Some things the hard way, some things in a typical fashion, but in case you are vacationing soon, I wanted to prepare you for lessons that you too may learn.

Lesson #1, Grilling

On vacation I learned to grill!  I have mostly always been intimidated by the grill.  But we really wanted to be able to grill for multiple meals, so we decided to go ahead and give it a whirl.  And by that I mean I called my brother (who used the grill down here back in July) and asked him to walk me through grilling, starting with turning on the grill.  I made salmon, baked potatoes, and Texas toast.  DELICIOUS!  I was very proud of my newfound abilities and also feel it is much easier and much less scary than originally anticipated.

Lesson #2 Car Maintenance

We noticed that the car didn’t seem to appreciate going over 50 mph, and that didn’t see quite right, so we consulted my dad and he said to check if there were any low tires.  The back tires were indeed a bit low, so we put a little air in them. Fortunately for us (but unfortunately in life) my roommate had been having air troubles in her tires back home, so we had recently ventured to the gas station and learned how to put air in tires.  Turns out all the tires had completely different air pressures in them… After consulting the Pops again, we evened them out and the car drives like a dream now.  

Lesson #3 Sunscreen WILL betray you

We were such responsible little adults yesterday at the beach and put sunscreen on regularly.  What did we get for our troubles?  Not a cute tan like we had hoped – that is for sure!  We all thought we walked away with sun success stories.  But alas, with time, we discovered that we all had horrible blotchy sunburns in random spots.  Fortunately, thanks to my new beach hat that I found at the J Crew outlet, my face is freckly and fine.  That is probably the most important.  My worst burn is on my feet.  All I want to do is itch them.  We had an aloe party last night, and this morning I noticed some non-burnt patches on my legs had a bluish tint.  OOPS.  Someone needs to take the aloe away from me.  I have clearly crossed the line to addiction.  No photo for this one.  Because who wants to see ugly foot burn?  No one.  I’m sorry for even bringing it up.  Amber did share some angry/disappointed words with the sun during sunset, so I’m sure this will not happen again.

Lesson #4 Read the twitter.

We went to the outlets one day too soon – some players told us (or twittered about it) that they were headed there yesterday.  But we went on Friday.  We are disappointed in ourselves.  But also are enjoying picturing Drew Butera heading back to talk to his teammates, “Hey Kevin!  Check out this new button down I got yesterday – guess how much I got it for?”  “Joe – Look at this sweet new polo!  It was so cheap, I basically got it for free!  I think it would really bring out the color of your eyes.”  We are pretty sure more players will be headed to the outlets soon.

Lesson #5 Don’t get eaten by an alligator.

We are headed to the everglades today!


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