Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So far today we have made awesome valentine’s day hats with hearts dangling from accordian folded paper.  We also passed out valentines to our “teammates” in our class (or at least that is how one kiddo explained it!)Today I asked my kindergartners to answer the question: What is love?

  • Love is to be friends.  I love my mom.
  • Love is when you hug people and you care about your friends and not push them.
  • Love is loving somebody.  Like you give somebody a hug.
  • Love is about family and friends.
  • Love is being together and hugs and kisses and presents.
  • Love is bringing a ball back to someone.
  • Love is giving a hug to somebody.
  • Love is giving hugs to somebody.  You feel it in your heart.
  • Love is when you miss your auntie or your uncle of your mom and dad.  We feel happy.  You give them flowers and a present.
  • Love is that I tell my mom that, “I love you.”   I feel kind of good.  My mom bake me some cookies and I told her thank you.
  • Love is because you love some people.  Sometimes you miss them.  I love my mom.
  • Love is being with our mom and dads.  We really miss them.
  • Love is when you be nice to people and they let you play with them.
  • Love is kissin’ before you go to bed.  Moms give you kisses so you can have good dreams so little kids can sleep good.
  • Love is when you give your mom a flower and hearts.  When you give them love.
  • Love is when you give your mommy a kiss and you say, “I love you mommy so much.  I love when you give me kisses every single day.”
  • Love is when you love someone by caring.
  • Love is loving some people.  I hug my mom.
  • Love is when you do nice things to people and you give people cookies and do their hair for them.
  • Love is kissing.  It is really nice to kiss and it warms their hearts.

p.s.  this is one of the creepier Valentine’s day treats I got: a marshmallow swirl lollipop. yum?

p.p.s.  two of my girls said they cried when they watched Justin Bieber in 3D.


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