Why Fridays are Awesome.

1.  We spent 30 minutes decorating Valentine’s Day Boxes while listening to High School Musical soundtracks.

1a.  (this is me forgetting and wanting to come back and add it in without redoing all of the number.  but 1a kind of works, because it is related to valentine’s day)  What is Valentine’s Day about?  Answer: Candy.  Nope  kids – it is about love.  This resulted in a child asking if he could bring Love Candy to school on Monday.  (Now read it again in a thick Spanish accent)

1b.  The students were all talking today about what they would bring me for valentine’s day.  My favorite was this: “I will bring you flowers for Thanksgiving!”

2.  No one would listen to me teach because they wanted to just talk to each other excited about Justin Bieber 3D coming out.  Sidenote:  I keep trying to type it Justin Biever because that is still how all the kids say his name.

3.  My kids can’t stop oohing and ahhing about my awesome drawing and box decorating skills.

4.  We wrote our own Harold and the Purple Crayon stories today.  Here are some of the best stories my kids told:

  • Once upon a time, she had a pink crayon.  She used a shortcut and then she saw a dragon!  She sailed on a river.  She went back home to bed and the crayon dropped and she fell asleep.
  • Once upon a time, a little boy had a turquoise crayon.  And then I go all around the world.  I draw a monster and then I scribble on it.  And then I draw a hat and put it on the dragon. And then I erase it and then I go back home and then I go to school.

I love that he actually drew a monster, scribbled on it, and then put a hat on it!

  • Once upon a time, a little boy had an orange crayon.  I draw a baby dinosaur.  Then I put him on my back and I put him in my backpack.  Then we climb a rock.  And we jump over lava.
  • Once upon a time, a little girl had a pink crayon.  I go to my adventure and it’s a island.  I find a exit and I see birds on the sky and I see a treasure box.  And the sea had a diamond inside.
  • Once upon a time, a little boy had a green crayon.  I climbed a mountain.  And then I sail on a boat.  And then jumped to the moon.  And then I jump in space.  And then I fly with flying shoes.  I run fast on a lake without sinking.

Yes, story telling is clearly our forte.  Or not so much.  But they are cute.

5.  I went to pick up some lunch.  I stepped out the door of my building and I could hear the bass line of some rap music coming all the way from the parking lot.  Gotta love working in the ghetto.  But as I got closer, I realized this incredibly loud music was coming from a minivan.  Even better.

6.  I am having dinner with several Lauras tonight.  This is probably the most confusing choice I’ve made all week. But also one of the funnest.  (yes, I realize funnest isn’t a real word, but I use made up words all the time.  It is fine.)


2 thoughts on “Why Fridays are Awesome.

  1. Why my Friday was awesome…
    1. Treated myself to a cold press this morning.
    2. Discovered a PwC auditor related version of Ke$ha’s Tik Tok song. AMAZING!
    3. Dualies on happy hours…quick one with co-workers then headed to Joy’s house.
    4. The prospect of celebrating your birthday for most of the weekend.

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