what is in the air?

Conversations  of ridiculous proportion:

Conversation 1:

Teacher: (pointing at crayon writing on the floor next to a child’s rest time spot)  What is this?

Student 1: I don’t know!  I didn’t write it

Student 2:  She didn’t write it!  I didn’t write it either.  We didn’t see who wrote it.

Student 1:  Yeah, we don’t know.

Student 2:  Somebody probably came in the night when it was all locked and wrote it.

Student 1:  yeah, that’s it!

Teacher: (seeing this is going nowhere productive)  So, like maybe a rabbit came in and wrote it?

Student 2:  Or a killer man.

Teacher:  In a school?  I don’t think so

Student 2:  Maybe it was a teacher!

Teacher:  No, a teacher would know better

Student 2:  Yeah, ’cause a teacher wouldn’t want to get fired, so they wouldn’t want to write on the floor.

Student 1:  Yeah, you wouldn’t want to be fired.  All you want is to be our teacher.

Student 2:  Yeah, you just want to help us learn.

Student 2:  Once a killer came into my house and stole everything out of my fridge.  I have a beer in my fridge in my room.

Teacher:  What?  You don’t drink it, right?

Student 2:  No, it’s my uncles.  He put my fridge in the garage.  We have a mouse in our garage.  He’s my pet.  I call him Mousey Mouse.  Or Mousy Dude.  I don’t put my finger in the trap.

Teacher 2:  Well, that went well.

Yep – got that graffiti ALL figured out.

Conversation 2:

Student: What color is this?

Teacher:  Turquoise

Student:  That’s funny.  Why would Jesus call this color turquoise?

Conversation 3:

Teacher:  Good job!  How did you figure that out?

Student:  Well, my mom says I’m smart!

Conversation 4:

Teacher: If you don’t hurry, I will have to choose someone else to do this activity with me.

Student: No!  Don’t pick somebody else.  You are my bestestest friend!

Conversation 5:

Teacher: Here is the picture of me with a Twins player!

Student: Wow!  Maybe he can come read to us!

Teacher:  That would be really great!

Student:  OR, maybe you can marry him!

Teacher:  I’ll see what I can do.

p.s.  the little girl that says I am her best friend, brought me this card today.  The front was a picture of flowers and this was on the inside:

My educational assistant also got one, but all her’s said was, “you are a wonderful helper”  we laughed at their description- she is wonderful, but  she is also definitely a legit licensed teacher…


2 thoughts on “what is in the air?

  1. Oh my word! Conversation #1 is maybe the best thing I’ve ever read! I have no idea how you don’t pull all of your hair out every day…

    • Today I nearly did. Instead of pulling out my hair, I chose to roll my eyes and die laughing on the inside instead. It helps that I gave up early on with the teaching for the day. No one was listening. We did a lot of alphabet aerobics and testing instead.

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