Bridal Shower Baking.

Alternate Title: Team Sisters = Team Martha Stewart

My cousin is getting married this summer, and me and my Rachels baked up a storm to celebrate the occasion (read: we made a plethora of desserts for her bridal shower)

We spent a good 10 hours baking at Rachel’s last Saturday.  While I did literally collapse into my bed afterwards, it was worth the efforts.

The dessert line-up:

  • Mint Brownies
  • Candy Cookie Cups
  • Heart Sugar Mint Shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate.
  • Cookie Dough Truffles (little bites of heaven)
  • Cupcake Bites a la Bakerella and Pioneer Woman

see below for the details and pictures of the gloriousness that is our baking.

Mint Brownies

I can’t be bothered to go snap a photo, so just picture brownies slathered with mint frosting and a layer of chocolate on top.  They are delicious.  It is a Rachel-in-law recipe.

Words of Wisdom: Make sure you actually have all the ingredients ahead of time.  And that the brownie mix actually is for the right size pan.  Otherwise you will be a little bit sad and up way too late after multiple trips to the grocery store.

Candy Cookie Cups

Thanks Pioneer Woman for supplying me with this delicious and supposedly simple recipe!  I don’t have a photo of this one either for two reasons.  1) I didn’t take one 2)  they were all eaten at the shower 3) the ones I have left I had to throw away because I didn’t bake them long enough.  Oops, I said 2 reasons.  Please forgive me for going overboard on the excuses.  Also, a little bit ridiculous that the one thing made entirely with pre-made ingredients is the one treat that turn out inedible.  If you want to see what the ones that turned out looked like, click here and envision a heart shaped peanut butter cup in the middle instead of a traditional round one.

Heart Cookies Dipped in Chocolate

When I looked at this recipe, I thought, oh cute!  Sugar cookies half dipped in chocolate. That will be perfect for the shower!  Then we baked them.  Then we tasted them.  Definitely not sugar cookies.  Tricky.  More like shortbread cookies.  Still tasty – just a different type of tasty.  These were pretty simple to make.  But a few things were tricky.  First off, I found this fun gold heart shaped glitter to sprinkle on.  Don’t be alarmed – it is edible glitter from the baking section at Michaels.  Not normal glitter from the shelf in my classroom.  I’d say that the glitter was totally what made the cookies magical.  I would recommend it for your next baking project.  It increased the fancy factor by at least 1,000 points.  I will also say that I was not able to dip and glitterify the cookies on my own and insisted my sister stop her work and come help me.  I confess that I was a bit of a cookie brat and was not the sweetest direction-giver.  Sorry Rachel 🙂  Thanks for your help!  You did great.

Cookie Dough Truffles

These are quite possibly the most amazing thing I have ever tasted.  They are delicious.

Cookie dough truffles might be what heaven tastes like.

It was a little bit like torture to stop eating this to take the picture.  You should probably click this link and print out the recipe and make them right now.  You will be the most popular kid on the playground if you do!  (well, only if you share them with your friends)  And I’d like to add that the hours of sorting colors candy coated mini chocolate chips was absolutely worth it.   And for sure the Rachels are much better dippers than I am.  It must be a Rachel thing.

Cupcake Bites

Bakerella and Pioneer Woman taught me about these about a year ago.  As mentioned above, I’m not the best truffle dipper, so I’ve never attempted cake pops, but cupcake bites seemed a bit more manageable with a lot less dipping talent required.  I will admit they are a little ridiculous to make.  But I would also like to point out that while there are approximately 1 million steps involved, the steps are fairly easy to do…

And even though we spent 17 hours on these alone, everyone loves them.  And thus, everyone loves us.

And thus concludes my baking expeditions for the month of January/February.  Please feel free to be inspired to bake your own delicious things and then drop them off at my house.  Thanks in advance.

Now I am trying to figure out how to incorporate leftovers into the superbowl.  Perhaps I will say I created superbowl desserts with an “I love football” theme.  Which is a little bit of a lie, but the only way I can think to make them seem legit for our party.  But let’s be honest.  People will still happily eat them even if they look 100% Bridal shower-esque.


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