150 Tiaras and Leis

This morning I opened my closet (in my classroom) and I was attacked by (they fell out) a lei and a tiara.  I thought to myself, “who else would this happen to?”  I suppose a Hawaiian Princess, but other than that…

On Monday at work, we were given t-shirts that say EB 150 Club.  We were given them for no reason other than the ridiculousness of it.  You see -they have been in our storage closet for the past 7 years, and no one knows what the 150 club is, or why the shirts were originally purchased (actually we are assuming our principal got them for free -he seems to have magical powers at procuring free things).  That being said, the question remains: What does the 150 Club mean?  We are all supposed to think of an idea and they will be put next to our picture in our t-shirt on a bulletin board for the kids to figure out what it means.  So I’ve been trying to think of some ideas.  In fact, here is me, thinking.

The thinking isn’t going very well.  My list is not very awesome.  I could probably use some help.

  • I’ve taught 150 kindergartners
  • I’d like to visit 150 countries (are there 150 countries?  i just googled this: yes there are)
  • I’m afraid of being chased by 150 bees
  • I have written 150 discipline slips
  • I have 150 pet giraffes at home
  • I have 150 freckles on my face

Which one should I put on the bulletin board?  This is a big decision.


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