Celebrate! (A Multiple Choice Test)

Let’s see how much you know about traditions and celebrations around the world.  Do you know more than my kindergartners?

What is the history of Santa Lucia Day?

  1. About Saint Lucia Day, she be nice and helpful to everybody.  They celebrate her, they have some food and that’s all.
  2. Saint Lucia give cookies to her friends and family on her day.  I know she prays and everybody else didn’t like the way she prays.
  3. At Saint Lucia Day, she brings cookies for everyone.  She is nice and other people don’t like her.

What do you know about Martin Luther King?

  1. He don’t like it when I sag my pants.
  2. Martin Luther King made everything fair.

    I'm going out on a limb and saying this does not have a whole lot of likeness to MLK

Why do we celebrate our parents?

  1. I never knew we had Mother’s Day.  It is to celebrate your mom – how much she loves. you.
  2. Father’s Day.  I know everybody comes over.  It’s a good celebration.  You might get to play.  You celebrate because your dad is fun to have around.
  3. When it is Mother’s Day you give your mom presents.

How do people participate in Children’s Day in Japan?

  1. I think they just eat a lot of ramen noodles.
  2. They celebrate in Africa.
  3. They celebrate in Hanukkah.
  4. On Children’s Day they hang the fish up because they want kids to be nice and strong.
  5. At Children’s Day they wear Kimonos.
  6. Fish kites is for Children’s Day so they can be strong and brave.
  7. It’s Children’s Day wtih fish kites.  It’s really fun and you get to play games.  You get to wear cool clothes.  Because there is a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day and the children would feel left out if they didn’t get a day.

What happens at a Chinese New Year celebration?

  1. They put out dragons to celebrate.

Which of the following statements is true about Christmas?

  1. Santa has to do his job so kids don’t cry
  2. Christmas.  I like Christmas.  I like myself.
  3. I learned about Christmas how you open presents.  You sing songs and play.
  4. Christmas.  There’s an American flag, and all that stuff.

    This is the Christmas version of the American Flag

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