Origami and Mittens (not to be confused with Origami Mittens)

Have you ever had a bottle that was so difficult to open that it hurt your hand to try and twist the top off?  That was my problem today at lunch.  I usually don’t have bottles of pop at work, but today for some reason I had one at home so I brought it.  Lunch time came and I was so excited for some Dr. Pepper in my life.  I went to open it and the top wouldn’t budge.  Not only would it not budge, but it was incredibly painful to try to twist the top off!  I tried using the edge of my shirt.  Not helpful.  Still painful.  Plan D: Mittens.  I knew I loved my mittens for a reason!  Finally I could enjoy some delicious Dr. Pepper and get ready for our afternoon.

Speaking of my mittens.  What the heck happened to them?  Why did my thumb decided it wanted to be free like my fingers!?  Boo.  How have I gone through two pairs of them this year and usually they last forever (or until our dogs would eat them back in the day when I was living at my parents).  Lame and a half!

In other non-related news, today I spend approximately 60 minutes of my day making origami samurai hats for all the children in my class.  We are learning about Children’s Day in Japan, so it seemed like the thing to do.  Then we played Habu, Habu, Mongoose – the Okinawan version of Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.  The hats are quite fashionable, and I think my class will be starting quite the trend here in kindergarten.

Was an hour of paper folding the best use of my time?  Probably not.  Especially with conferences just around the corner.  But the kids were real excited.  And it was like a stroll down memory lane to the Tokyo boat cruise my sister and I went with our Japanese friend Masami.  Masami brought origami paper and we made paper cranes together.  I am basically a professional crane maker.   My sister – not so much.  While I will admit this face was a re-enactment for the camera – it is true emotion she is showing.  If I remember correctly, Masami had to take Rachel’s “goose” away from her and fixed it/finish it.

When I told Rachel how I spent my day, she responded by saying, “This is just one of the many reasons I could not do your job–no folding skills and an inability to identify origami properly.”

2 thoughts on “Origami and Mittens (not to be confused with Origami Mittens)

  1. Yes, Masami took my “goose” away from me to finish (i.e. redo). So nice of you to have framed these pictures to perpetually remind me of my shortcomings 🙂

    On a happier note, those hats are cute!

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