Just a couple quotes…

I have nothing amazing to say tonight, just wanted to share a couple of great kindergarten moments.

*I think I might be a teacher when I grow up.  Or just go to clubs.

Good luck with that decision buddy.  They both sound like good options.

*Martin Luther King doesn’t like it when I sag my pants?

Nope, so you’d better keep them pulled up.

For an assessment, students had to draw people celebrating and tell me the name of the tradition and also why people celebrate it.  I approach a child.  He points to his picture, “This is the girl with the baby.” What baby?  “God baby.” Oh.  What are they celebrating?  Christmas. (Naturally).  Why do people celebrate Christmas?  (silence).  So I wrote “God baby” for his answer on that line.  I mean, I guess it sums it up?


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