Self Esteem

Some days are good for a teacher’s self esteem.  In fact, most days the kids have nothing but compliments.  Some of my favorites to date are: “You smell like a princess.” and “Your hair is so curly.  How did it get like that? I just can’t stop looking at it.”  Yes, most days the kids adore me (I am their kindergarten teacher – they have nothing to compare me to.  It is awesome).  Today however, was not that day.  🙂

One child had lots of questions about my face.  Here is our entertaining conversation:

Q: Why do you have a headband in your hair?

A: Because sparkly things make me feel happy.


Q: Why do you got make-up on?

A: To make my face look better.


Q: Why do you got glasses?

A: To help me see better.


Q: Why do you got those bumps on your face?

A: I don’t know.

*Pushing hard on a zit: Q: Does this hurt?”

A: Yes, very much.  Please stop.

Q: Did you get bit by lots of mosquitoes?

A: Yes. That is what happened.


End of conversation and he went back to getting ready to go home.

Oh, children 🙂