babies. teeth. tears. tarantulas.

Today I learned that if you lose a tooth, and you want a new one to grow in, you should probably go ahead and plant a seed in your mouth.  The child was shocked when I told him this wasn’t actually how teeth grow.  He then said, “You can put a seed in your mouth and then you will have a baby in your mouth!  Because if you swallow a seed, you will have a baby!”  And even though I did not actually want to get into a discussion on how babies are made, I couldn’t resist asking, “Who told you that?  Did your mom tell you that?”


A couple of kids were crying (for way too long) and a little girl says, “That crying has GOT to stop.”  I agree kid – they need to pull themselves together.  No sympathy when they are crying because they got in trouble.


A little girl just had a baby brother born.  Mom must have had a C-section because she said, “…and then they cracked my mum’s belly open….”


We had a middle school science teacher visit us today to share with us about arthropods – animals with exoskeletons.  We had the speaker in my room so the other teacher could leave if the creepy creatures got to be too much 🙂  We got to see a tarantula, a giant African millipede, a scorpion that glows green under a black light, and a rat the size of a large squirrel.  It was hilarious to see the kids’ reactions.  Many were SUPER freaked out – even though the first thing we saw was just the fuzzy exoskeleton of a tarantula.  While she was holding it out, a leg fell off onto my classroom floor.  She was quick to say that she would make sure she cleaned up the tarantula leg before she left.  While having a loose tarantula leg in my classroom could sound moderately exciting, it is a good thing she took care of it, because knowing me, I would forget it was there, and then knowing my kids, someone would probably try and eat it…


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