On giving up and sucking up…

The children have been SO loud this week.  One theory is that they have created a calling tree and they are scheming at night how they can make their teachers cranky.  Another theory is that it is January – the worst month of the year.  Regardless, towards the end of the day yesterday, I was trying to teach math to a group of about 11 kindergartners.  We were sitting on the carpet and I was telling an enthralling tale about my farm (this would eventually lead to a sorting lesson) and as I looked around, not a child was listening to me.  My EA was having a similar problem in the pod.  She later reported that one kid was eating a penny, one kids was shaking a bag of pennies, and one kid was banging his work-tray on the table.  I expressed very sadly to my students how frustrated I felt that no one was listening, and I didn’t know what to do anymore.  I was hoping to guilt them into behaving 😉 but no.  The loudest response:

Maybe you should just give up.

To which I of course responded: maybe I will.

Also, I was recently reminded of an awesome teaching moment from last week.  I don’t think I shared it on here.  But if I did – you will be fine if you read it again.

We were brainstorming sentences with our new star word “to”.  Several children had offered up sentences.  Then one child suggests: “I like to learn.”  What a suck up answer. I mean – I’m so glad I’m instilling a love of learning into these kids.  🙂  Not to be outdone, then next kid plays on my interests, saying, “I like the Twins.” awesome sentence!  Fails the assignment though.  I don’t ask much.  Just for them to use the word “to” in a sentence.

And finally… we learned about kids in China getting red envelopes with money in it for good luck for their birthdays.  We did a follow-up project involving fake paper money inside a red envelope.  Apparently a group of 5 or 6 kids planned to go to the movies together that night.  They would be bringing their newly acquired money with.  Good luck with that, kids.

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