Can’t Buy Me Love

We read a book called Benny’s Pennies.  In it, Benny goes out and buys things with his pennies (it is a riveting tale, for sure).  One thing he buys is a beautiful rose.  I ask the kids what they would buy that is beautiful with their penny.  Their responses included:

  • a rockstar
  • a new wedding dress (which leads to the question, “did you have an old wedding dress?”
  • a star
  • glitter

and my personal favorite:

  • Love.

Sidenote: yseterday my student came up to me and said, “I don’t like snow anymore.  I am moving back to Kenya where it is always sunny.”  I told her I would miss her too much.  She said I can move with her and visit her grandma.  So that is the new plan.  We will be moving to Kenya to escape the snow.  Seems reasonable.


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