Happy Fourth of July!

Our current unit of inquiry is about celebrations and traditions.  Today we learned about Independence Day and Canada Day.  Before reading the book about the Fourth of July to the class, I asked who had celebrated it before, and what they had done.  Several kids had very valid things to share.

Several kids wore special Fourth of July clothes.  I asked what those were – looking forward to the smooth segue into patriotic colors.  Nope.  They all wore pink butterfly clothes.  WHAT!?

I asked if anyone knew why we celebrated Independence Day.  Only answer: It is for all the people to celebrate God.  I had no response to that.  In my heart I considered breaking out into God Bless America – but refrained.  I sat silent.  Then just moved on.

Time for the book!  We got to this page:

and my student closely examined the painting, then asked, “Where’s Obama?”