Lessons in Cheesecake

Sometimes I have good ideas.  Sometimes I have ideas I think are good, but really are not.  Sometimes I have ideas, and there is no way to know if they are good or not.  I will let you be the judge of what happened below…

I decided that candy cane cheesecake would bs a definite necessity for Christmas Eve. My sister in law promised she would eat some, so I turned to the internet to find a recipes that looked promising.

Things went well as I began. It was so easy!  Perhaps it was TOO easy. The cheesecake appeared to be delicious as I pulled it out of the oven. But then every cheesscake baker’s nightmares began to come true. It was like an earthquake came through and left giant fissures, canyons,  ravines… right in the middle of my beautiful cheesecake.

Alas!  What is one to do?

I think the answer is fairly obvious.  You should not just sprinkle your crushed candy cane around the outside of the cake, but rather, spread it everywhere.  Specifically fill in those crevices so no one can even tell they are there.

Once again, all is well in the land of baking and cheesecake.  Or was until morning came and I discovered the cheesecake had eaten the candycanes… ravines are back, but now filled with candy cane goo.

To which my family responded… that sounds amazing


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