Know your audience. And your eavesdroppers.

My friend and I were out to dinner tonight – we hadn’t seen each other in a while, and so we were catching up on life.  Naturally, one of our conversation topics that came up was boys and dating.  Since there was nothing interesting to report, the conversation turned to where does one meet great single guys?  It was at this point in the conversation the guy from the booth behind us joined our conversation saying, “Right here!  I’m single!”

The end.

No really – that was the end of the conversation – I mostly just burst out laughing, and he turned back to continue talking with his friend (who incidentally was looking at him like, “did you really just say that?”)



5 thoughts on “Know your audience. And your eavesdroppers.

  1. I like to eavesdrop too. Makes for great blogging material.

    It’s interesting that the conversation just ended…before it really started between you and the eavesdroppers.

  2. I shoulda just left the two of you alone so you could hook up! Well, maybe I could have told him I was your dating screener, and he had to through me first. (“Here is a list of 20 essay questions, come back when finished.”)

    Sorry I wasn’t very clever in the moment – but wait til next time! It’ll be awesome!

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