Three Lauras, Pho, and an Elf

On Saturday I had a Christmas cookie baking day with some new fun friends!  There are several things that made this delightful.

#1 – Three of the four bakers were named Laura

Really that should be enough to convince you it was wondrous… but I guess I could share a few more tidbits of happiness.

#2 – They all seem to bake similarly to me: haphazardly.  It was brilliant.

Exhibit A) Let’s microwave the premade dough.

Exhibit B) Let’s crack an egg to mix it in – oh wait, the egg chosen was hardboiled.

Exhibit C) Let’s take cookies off the tray, set them out to cool, only to discover that they are not done, so let’s put them back on the tray and re-bake them.  (In our defense, it is really hard to tell when cookies are done if they are green?)

Exhibit D) Let’s drink incredible amounts of coffee and not eat any real food all day long.

Exhibit E) Some of us One of us had never heard of almond bark before.  And it turns out it is not made from the bark of almonds.

Exhibit F) “These will look so great after they bake!”  “Oh, these look worse after they are baked”

Exhibit G) Saran Wrap.  The devil’s invention that we wrestled with to cover the plates at the end.  It was a true test of our friendship.  After we got a good system down we tried to show off to the Lauras.  Fail.  Cookies started falling off the plates with every move we made.

Take that and add in a lot of ridiculous conversation, a common love to travel, attempting to use new nicknames to distinguish between Lauras, and you get a magical day of baking, a magical day that never ended.  Our baking went almost twice as long as it was meant to.  But it is ok, because we had way more than twice the fun.

Afterwards we went out for pho at a dodgy hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant in Minneapolis.  It was absolutely delicious.  And yes, with our dinner we drank more coffee.  Vietnamese coffee is basically shots of espresso with sweet and condensed milk.  The glass was sitting in a bowl of hot water to keep the coffee warm.  It was basically like drinking warm coffee ice cream.

And afterwards, naturally went to church to watch Elf

and hung out with Buddy and Santa afterwards.

All in all I would give the day 2 thumbs up.  If I had more thumbs, I would put them up as well.