it is all so normal! who knew?

So… a couple of weeks ago, I started getting Us Weekly magazine in the mail.  I don’t understand why.  I did not and would not subscribe to this.  If I was going to get a celebrity gossip magazine, I would go with something more reliable, like People magazine 🙂  In perusing this rubbish though, I have moderately enjoyed the Stars Are Just Like Us section – or whatever it is called.  Who knew that famous people did such normal things!  They are practically the same as me and you.  I have learned that the rich and famous buy pet supplies, their kids swing on swings at the park, they bring their dog to the dog park, and celebrities eat snacks at sporting events!  They text.  They even talk on their phone.  And my favorite from this week: they bag veggies at the grocery store!  Madness, I tell you, madness!


One thought on “it is all so normal! who knew?

  1. Oh, lady! That is my favorite feature in the magazine because it’s just so freaking ridiculous. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that while I’m grocery shopping on Sunday mornings, ScarJo could be doing the same thing across the country. Magic, I tell you.

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