Hello, Christmas.

Last weekend was all about decorating for Christmas.  First my roommate and I decorated our place.  She put up four Christmas trees in the time it took for me to put up one.  But I will say that my tree could eat her trees. It is always so fun putting the ornaments on the tree and remembering putting up these same ornaments as a child, and remembering where some of them came from.  My parents got us a new ornament each year, and now as adults, we have enough ornaments to decorate a tree!  My grandpa used to make us an ornament each year too – it is fun to put them on the tree and remember what a great man he was, and look forward to seeing him again in heaven someday.  Sunday a bunch of us stayed after the church service to bring Christmas festivity to Hope!  I am pretty sure that we inherited the Christmas decorations from the church that met in our building before we did.  There are some really special things in those storage bins: dozens of little red cardinals in golden nests and little gold french horns and violins.  Needless to say, we do not use all of our available options.  We go for a simpler more classic Christmas look.  And we learned from last year and recruited newbies to wrestle the giant wreath of death onto the wall.  Yet some people, I won’t name names, thought we should go for a more “creative” Christmas approach.  Enjoy some pictures of Christmas decorating.

Now that all the decorating is done… I am on to Christmas celebrating!  Cookie baking, elf watching, santa visiting, and ice skating will now commence!


it is all so normal! who knew?

So… a couple of weeks ago, I started getting Us Weekly magazine in the mail.  I don’t understand why.  I did not and would not subscribe to this.  If I was going to get a celebrity gossip magazine, I would go with something more reliable, like People magazine 🙂  In perusing this rubbish though, I have moderately enjoyed the Stars Are Just Like Us section – or whatever it is called.  Who knew that famous people did such normal things!  They are practically the same as me and you.  I have learned that the rich and famous buy pet supplies, their kids swing on swings at the park, they bring their dog to the dog park, and celebrities eat snacks at sporting events!  They text.  They even talk on their phone.  And my favorite from this week: they bag veggies at the grocery store!  Madness, I tell you, madness!