The Name Game

Today my kids clearly wanted to know my first name.  So naturally, I went out of my way to avoid giving them this information.  Because that is how I roll.  And that is how you make things interesting in kindergarten.  (yes, a similar situation earlier in the year did result in a child telling me that my imagination is confused).

The thing is, they wouldn’t come right out and ask me.  It was almost as if they’d been cooking up a stealthy plan for a while now.

students: What does your dad call you?

me:  Well, when I was little, he called me Sweetie Pie.

students: What does your mom call you?

me: I like to think she calls me Favorite Daughter

students: What does your brother call you?

me: he says Hey Sister!

This went on for quite a while.  I can report that at the end of our reading theme on families, my kids really know the potential family members – aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.

They were getting frustrated.

I just smiled sweetly at them.

Finally someone actually said, “We want to know your first name!”

to which I sassily said something along the lines of, “OOH.  Ok.”  and then after laying down the ground rules of what they can do with that knowledge, I shared it with them.  (incidentally, my rule was just going to be they still need to address me respectfully by my last name.  their rule was much better.  My first name is now our little secret and they won’t tell anyone else what it is.)