Santa Sighting #1

Well, since tomorrow is December, it is probably about right that we had a santa sighting at school today.  This man seriously could have been old Saint Nick – he was out of uniform, but he was large, jolly, and had a long poofy white beard.  I don’t blame the children for greeting him with “HI SANTA!  HI SANTA!  HI SANTA!” as he walked down the hall… but I still felt like I should apologize on their behalf.

My coworker assured me that he does actually play santa during the holidays, so at least he is aware he looks like Santa?

And maybe I can convince the children that he is keeping an eye on them for the naughty and nice list – so they’d better be on their best behavior.

Which reminds me of a couple of years ago when I had an interaction with a student that involved a picture of santa saying “ho, ho, ho” and the child being appalled at the language being used…

Oh Christmas and kindergarten.  You mix so well.  Or not at all.

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