1 little, 2 little, 3 little pilgrims

Yes, that is a title of a book I read to the small children.  No, this post does not have anything to do with kindergarten.

I’d actually like to take a moment and thank the sponsors of this post: my Grandma VanLoon and my aunt Laurie.

My Grandma surprised me with an amazing and somewhat magical frosting piping gadget a couple of weeks ago, and my aunt mailed me a surprise winter snowflake apron that I opened on the day before Thanksgiving – aka Baking Day.  I could not have accomplished what I did without their support.  Or just without their thoughtful gifts.

Originally I was in charge of rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner.  (Let’s not talk about why I am not allowed to be in charge of corn).  That responsibility was taken away from me and replaced with: make a fun dessert for later in the evening when we are having leftover turkey sandwiches.  Ok!

After much deliberation, I chose (or called my mom and made her choose) a chocolate peanut butter cupcake recipe. All I knew for sure was that I wanted to make adorable pilgrim hats for on top of the cupcakes.  Since they required a peanut butter cup and a fudge striped cookie, the hat and the cupcake flavor seemed like a good pairing.

Baking these cupcakes was an adventure.  It is a good thing my roommate wasn’t home to witness the disaster I created in our kitchen.  Things started with a cocoa powder explosion, and they didn’t get much better after that.

One of the first steps was to make peanut butter balls to put on the inside of the cupcake.  The peanut butter mixture was extremely sticky and extremely impossible to form into a ball.  So instead I created ugly peanut butter globs and set them aside for later.

Next on to the cupcake batter.  I was proud of my efforts until I went to pour smush it into the little paper cups in the muffin pan.  Annie said that the cupcakes were dense, but I didn’t realize how thick and sticky the batter would truly be.  I had to force globs of it in the cups, then try to put the peanut butter “ball” in, then cover the glob the rest of the way with batter.  You might think this sounds pretty straightforward.  False.  This approach was highly ineffective and I mostly was covered in chocolate-peanut-butter-ness at this point.

The highlight of my baking experience (other than my new apron of course) was the decorating.  My new kitchen tool from my grandma was more fun and easy than I could have imagined.  I will now be baking things for the sole purpose of getting to frost things.

All in all, it was a messy adventure.

If you choose to make/eat these “masterpieces” at some point in life, my brother recommends using a fork so you don’t break your jaw, as they are quite tall.

If you hurry, there are two more sitting on Rachel’s desk at church and you could eat one.  Today, I pawned my leftovers off on others, offering them “mediocre cupcakes”.  I have been told they are better than mediocre, but I would for sure recommend having a glass of milk handy, as they are quite rich!


2 thoughts on “1 little, 2 little, 3 little pilgrims

  1. We all have our share of baking/cooking experiences, Laura. But if it’s edible, then you’re good to go. Those cupcakes with the raspberry on top look delicious, by the way. But once I saw the recipe, I thought, “way to much work for me.”

    As for the fudge-stripe cookies, in my family we call them “skunk cookies.”

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