Cold weather got you down?  Feeling like you can’t do anything because you are so freezing?  Allow me to remind you of the amazing invention of: the snuggie!

I’ll admit – I was skeptical of this amazing blanket/backwards bathrobe.  But then I got one for my birthday, tried it on, and haven’t taken it off since (ok that last part is not true at all).

There are so many great things you can do while wearing a snuggie!

Like reading a book!

Or serving food:

Or holding back a friend’s sleeve’s so that they can serve food:

Did you know that the newer models even have snuggie-pockets??

You can pretend to be riding a roller coaster!

You can even celebrate Christmas!

my sister wisely comments, “My favorite is the triangle playing guy, because really the triangle is very underappreciated in the musical world.”

Whatever you decide to do while wearing your snuggie… taking your dog for a walk, brushing your teeth, or frosting Christmas cookies, I hope you have a snuggie-riffic day!!!


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