Automatic ‘A’

Today in one of my student’s folders, this was found:

Yes, I realize that this is backwards – that is how photobooth on my computer works.  And I can’t be bothered to take a real photo with my camera.   But yes, one of my students indeed was playing hangman, with the answer being “I love to go to school.”  A+ for sure!  (except we don’t actually give letter grades.  but if we did – he would totally get an ‘A’).

Yesterday’s quote of the day is a child talking about me and saying

“I think her imagination is confused.”

Yesterday also I was drawing a picture of a child on the board (talking about what clothing should be worn in summer weather) and one kid shouted out, “he should wear a Twins hat!”  Of course, I obliged.  And as I drew the TC logo on the cap, the students began to chant, “TWINS!  TWINS!  TWINS!”  It may have been my proudest teaching moment.

Last night I rearranged the tables in my classroom.  Today it was hilarious to watch the kids’ reactions.  Some of the highlights include the child who walked in carefully looking at his morning work and not looking up until he was halfway across the room, then getting a befuddled expression on his face and looking at me questioningly.  Another student said, “This is the awesomest!!!!!  Why did you do it?”  in two VERY different tones of voice.  Others froze in their tracks and their eyes continually widened.  But the best reaction by far is the child who stopped, looked around saying “oh, oh, oh” and then pretended to dramatically faint on the carpet.  Awesome, kid.


One thought on “Automatic ‘A’

  1. I often think your imagination is confused, but that’s why I love it.

    I also love how you “somehow” manage to get dramatic children. I wonder how that happens every year…

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