Cinderelly, Cinderelly, night and day it’s Cinderelly

Today the children decided to test my ability to focus.  Can I focus on leading our morning meeting with one child angrily kicking a table to a steady beat and another child filling the background with whispering screaming noises?  Yes, yes I can.

Tonight our custodian will be tested on his vacuuming abilities.  We had a popcorn party.  “Boys and girls, you may not eat your popcorn on the carpet.  You can sit on the tile or at your table spot and enjoy it.”  While it seemed like they were following that rule, it suspiciously looks like it snowed in my room.  Snowed flakes of popped corn.  They did an impressive job of creating a complete disaster, that is for sure!

Speaking of our popcorn party, we watched Cinderella while we ate our popcorn.  Last night at Bible study, I was letting someone in to the church and my shoe fell right off my foot as I walked up the stairs.  My friend Jill commented that I should have left it there and perhaps Prince Charming would have brought it to me during Bible study and we would have lived happily ever after.  During the movie in kindergarten today, all I could think was, “this could have been me!”  Next time I will know to leave my shoe behind.


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