Conflict Resolution

My kindergartners this year really know how to annoy each other.  Kind of like siblings.  Except we aren’t actually a family.

For some of them saying sorry doesn’t cut it:

(insert EXTREMELY whiney tones)

“He said his name starts with W!!!!”

” I said I was SORRY!”


Or forgiveness is unheard of…

Student A: “During Spanish class I was mean to my friend.”

Me: “Ok, did you want to talk to her about it?  Do you want me to help you?”

so we call the other student over.

Student A: “Do you remember during Spanish when I was mean to you?”

Student B: “Yes”

Student A: “I’m sorry”

Student B: “That’s ok”

Me: “You can say, ‘I forgive you”

Student B: “I forgive you.”
Student A: “I forgive you.”

Student B: “What does forgive mean?”


And you definitely don’t want to take the blame for your poor choices:

“The devil made me do it!”


At the end of the day though, some of my kids hug it out, some of them shake hands, but others prefer a fist pound… whatever restores the peace and feelings of goodwill among all…





One thought on “Conflict Resolution

  1. You really ought to write a book, Laura. Your stories are so humorous, honest and touching. I am serious. Think of all the educators and parents out there who would buy it. And I would be the first in line to read and review it.

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