Welcome Back?

I took the day off yesterday.  It was highly necessary.  Apparently while I was gone they were awesome.  Today – it sounds like children everywhere were a little nuts.

But there were a few moments that were highly amusing.

I opened up google for a lesson and a little girl comments, “I know!  You are on the gooble!”

Today we had to tell children: You may not eat woodchips.  (really kids???)

and I had a student ask: “Can we eat from the trash?”  (and I repeat – really kids????)

And the new way one kid is describing his feelings is “buck”.  I have only heard this on So You Think You Can Dance to describe particularly awesome hip hop dances.  This kid however was really cranky when he told me that is how he was feeling.  So just now I tried to google the phrase to find out what it actually means, as I want to start incorporating it into my personal speech.  However, when I clicked the link to urban dictionary, it was blocked, labeling the site as “obscene/tasteless” – I guess the world will never know.  (I hope our tech guy doesn’t think I am going to actual inappropriate sites!  oh dear.)


5 thoughts on “Welcome Back?

  1. Not eating woodchips is clearly a valuable life lesson. I think our society would be far better off if more people had learned that in kindergarten.

    • The saddest part is that after telling them this, we witnessed a boy spit out a woodchip into the garbage… why would you think that is a good idea? Do you think it is because they are called woodCHIPS?

  2. Also, it has been awhile since I’ve been on the site, rather than just reading in my email notification. I like the pictures up top. They are a terrific pictoral representation of your favorite things 🙂

  3. Perhaps that is what they kid asking about eating out of the trash was asking. “If I can’t eat a regular woodchip, can I eat one from the garbage after another kid spits it out?”

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