Trick. or Treat.

Tonight we were SO parched on our way home from going to see So You Think You Can Dance live at the Target Center, that we went into Target and bought water before going home.  (Tiffany definitely bought an entire gallon of water.  Kind of amazing.)  While we were there, we thought we would buy toilet paper (because we are out, and that is very sad) and paper towels (because we haven’t had any in years.  Or at least weeks).  I didn’t really think about how it would look to the store employees: Saturday night, the night before Halloween, 10:30pm, buying a giant pack of toilet paper.  People told us to have fun, and smiled and laughed.  We didn’t want to disappoint them, so we just smiled back.  We didn’t mention to them that we really actually just needed toilet paper, and were mostly looking forward to collapsing into bed after an exhausting weekend.  There is no TPing in our future.


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