The ‘Stache

The Mustache has come back into popularity.  I do not personally have anything against the mustache, as I do not know if I would recognize my dad without one.  I (sometimes) support (sometimes secretly – sorry Pancho for not vocally promoting you) others having them.  Or I just don’t care that much.  Or I think you look creepy.  It really depends on your face.  However, regardless of my thoughts about how a mustache looks on your face, I recently gained a new respect for those brave souls who have a long term (or longer than 6 baseball innings) commitment to the ‘stache upon their face.

After my own personal encounter, I have learned firsthand some of the pitfalls, downsides, annoying parts, and joys of having a mustache.  If you have never had one, let me share with you:

  1. Mustaches don’t always stick to your face.  Adhesive can wear off.
  2. Mustaches make it nearly impossible to smile or show any facial expression, as they could fall off at any moment.
  3. You become paranoid that your mustache is straight.
  4. You also grow increasingly in your concern over whether your mustache is all laying in the same direction or of the hair is becoming a bit unruly.
  5. Mustaches make it difficult to drink pop.
  6. Mustaches shed.  Sometimes into said pop.
  7. At times, one may inhale their mustache hair, causing you to wonder if now you have mustache hair stuck in your nose.  A most unpleasant feeling.
  8. Mustaches do not ensure a Twins win.  Sorry Pavano.  I like your facial hair, but your team still broke my heart.
  9. On the upside – you are pretty much always a crowd pleaser.  Even to your enemies (you are welcome Yankees fans, for bringing you such joy)

I’m guessing that you can relate to my experiences if you have ever grown a mustache for your own face.  While I will not be joining you in the facial hair world, I will may continue to support your attempts by baking you cupcakes.


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