weekly five year old ridiculous-ness.

As usual, my kids exhaust me, but they also amuse me to no end.  Here are some of the classic moments from this week:

Student approaches me during rest time and says:

“Yesterday I had a booger on the carpet.  I’m sorry.”

We are working on underlining words in a poem (to start to understand what words are and how we know where words are when we are reading.  It is the first time they get to use markers, so it was pretty exciting, naturally).

“I wish I could be a teacher!”

I ask “Why?” thinking it is because you get to use markers, or because kindergarten is so fun.  Nope – the answer is:

“Then I could drink at my desk.”

(I promise it is only coffee…)

This was followed up by

“And I could play games on my computer all day”

(really kids???  does it look like computer games?  I do important things on my computer… usually…)

This was followed up by,

“Don’t worry.  We know you are not lazy.”

(wow… thanks.)

It was picture day, and Molly and I were showing the kids how we smiled and posed for school pictures.  Our pretend smiles were awful looking and the poses outlandish.  Instead of thinking we are ridiculous, one girl exclaims,

“Mrs. T posed like an angel!!!” (please re-read with an African accent and awe in your voice.)

Little boy runs up to Molly and exclaims,

“Good news!  My heart is still beating!”

While working on Molly’s birthday book:

“You should call me Chicken Head.”

“Does someone at home call you that?”

“Yup, God.”

Today I talked with a child about a discipline slip they got the other day:

Me:  “What can you do instead of telling someone “I will kill you”?”

Boy:  “I could give them a suprise.  Like a tiny little baseball”

A most confusing conversation.  The setting: my back table where I am working with a group of students making a birthday book for my EA.  I am drawing my picture for her.

Student A: “How did you draw so good?”

Me: “I’ve got skills.” (or perhaps I should spell this skillz since I work in an urban school?)

Student B: “How do you get skills?”

Me: “Years of practice.”

Student B: “No, I mean how do you get skills?”  (this time pointing at his face repeatedly.”

After looking confused at him for some length of time, I respond: “OOOH, you mean how did I get FRECKLES?  the sun gives them to me.”

Another week is done.  Now to spend the weekend recovering and enjoying this amazing fall weather!!!!

“You have nice toes!”


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