oh, kindergarten.

We have only been in school for like 4 weeks.  3 weeks?  4 weeks.  I don’t remember.  Apparently it is all a blur.  The point being – for such a short time, we have already had our fair share of drama.  Except, the drama-ness really hasn’t been all that bad!  I mean, there have been some serious issues that needed to be dealt with in a serious manner, but I was trying to figure out what makes the difference – because last year similar dramas would have made me want to cry.  Or pull out my hair.  I decided that the difference is the parents.  They respectfully inform me of situations, looking for solutions, recognizing that kids will be kids and that I am doing my best, and are grateful for that.  They approach it as a team.  And I appreciate that so much!  I had no idea how great it was to be supported by the parents of my students.  What a difference it makes!  I have to say… I am happy to have passed along the parents that write notes, swearing at the teacher, on the child’s discipline slip…

In other news: here are the cute kindergarten moments that are coming to my sleepy brain:

  • Student approaches me after I finish handing out supplies to the class and asks what I am doing on Saturday.  “I am having a baby shower.  You should come!” he says.  I tell him that I am picking apples, but that does sound very fun.  He persists, asks for my phone number so his mom can call me to properly invite me, and then goes to do his work.
  • I may have accidentally (but amazingly) taught the children to say, “Thanks!  You’re my hero!”
  • A student was out for several days having dental surgery, and I overheard her telling her friends how much she missed me while she was gone from school
  • During rest time a child comes up to me and says that the song we are listening to is the song he was born to.  Yep – that being born is “when you come out of somebody’s butt” and he remembered hearing this song when we were born.  (if you are confused and saying WHAT!? that was my reaction too.  no words)
  • I got to spend my mornings on bus duty supervising my first graders… it was like a reunion.  Especially when my old EA stopped by.  The kids were in aw that we were all back together again.  One kiddo said she wanted to come back to kindergarten.  I thought it was because she missed me.  Nope – she just misses nap time.

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