Oh… the things that happen when I step into the kitchen…

I go in phases of enjoying cooking and baking, and then stretches of not being able to think of anything I feel motivated enough to bake.

Tonight I am baking a (hopefully) delicious dessert for my dear friend Rachel’s birthday.  I didn’t tell her what I’m making, so if I sample it and it tastes awful, I can always stop at the grocery store on the way to her birthday dinner tomorrow night and pretend that it was from scratch.

I feel like whenever I step foot in the kitchen, something goes awry.  Tonight it was as simple as being really confused about how many of the finished product the recipe made.  I scoured the recipe, looking for the answer, and came up with 12.  After making 12, I was real confused why I had so much batter left over!  I reread the recipe, and discovered that I was just confused, and it definitely makes 2 dozen.  Mystery solved.

Sometimes my mishaps are not so easy to rectify.  Take Tuesday night for example.  I made tacos for dinner, and had timed it out perfectly so I would finish eating and clean up and head out to small group.  I sit down to eat, and manage to knock my glass of sparkling blood orange juice.  I am pretty sure it happened in slow motion, as I distinctly remembered thinking, “Why isn’t it pouring out of the glass?” and then WHOOSH – it spills all over my pants, my leg, my chair, and the floor.  And of course we are out of paper towels. boo.  I wipe up the mess, mop it twice, stand in the bath tub to try and get the sticky off my legs and feet, and FINALLY sit down to eat this delicious looking meal.  I pick up the taco, and apparently I got lame taco shells, because the whole thing broke apart in my hand and taco fell out the bottom.  I scrapped the tortillas and made a taco salad on chips instead.  I got home and the floor was still sticky.  I mopped again.  Guess what – it is STILL sticky.  Do you have a solution for getting my floor clean again???  Because I do not.

Sunday night I made playdough.  I had a little trouble measuring out the flour, and may have dumped a good portion of it on my foot/the floor instead of into the bowl.  How do I do these things?  The good news is that other than the hand-eye-coordination mishap, I did manage to turn out a successful batch of playdoh!  I was pretty nervous, since last time I made it (back in student teaching), all seemed fine.  Then the kids reached into the bag to pull out a scoop, and their hands came out coated in sticky green goo – not exactly the playdoh consistency I was going for…

So I have come up with a solution to avoid future blonde, clumsy, ridiculous, but good story moments in the kitchen.  Wednesday night, I kind of invited myself over to a friend’s house for dinner (ok, I actually was going over because I was required to do a home visit for my grad class) but it was such a great evening!  I already knew that they are one of my favorite families, but dinner confirmed it.  First, I was greeted by their kids out on the sidewalk.  Secondly, they drew me welcome pictures. Third, they made me delicious dinner (this is where my kitchen related problem solving skills come into play – the rest is just a bonus).  And fourth, they are so fun and love Jesus so much and are such a blessing to me.  So the new plan is to have them adopt me.  Don’t worry Mom, I will still be part of our family too – they will just be my bonus family!  There is an unfinished room in their house – and with my handyman skills (don’t forget I “helped” my dad build that table a while back), I will have it turned into my new bedroom in no time.


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