The First Day Is Not My Favorite

Let me start by saying that I will share all of my table building adventures soon.  I hope to find the energy this weekend to upload my pictures.

In the meantime, today has been an exhausting day, and I would like to use my prep to update my blog and then work late to finish lesson plans and real prep work.

Well, I’m going to be honest.  The first week of school is not so much my favorite.  It kind of makes me want to cry.  or think that I will die.  Not because I dread going back to work, but because overall, kindergartners don’t know how to be in school.  My class does not know how to sit down, how to follow a one-step direction, how to use their words instead of hitting, how to share, how to snap their own jeans, or even how to answer to their name.

my feelings on school starting...

Despite all these struggles, I have had some pretty hilarious moments.  I think that eventually this will be a great group on students!

Here are some favorite kindergarten moments so far:

While I am reading a story on the first day of school, a little boy turns around, gives my EA a thumbs up, and mouths to hear “I love school!”

We walk into Spanish class, where the Spanish teacher is looking trendy like usual, and a little girl exclaims, “Oh my goodness!  Has she been doing some modeling?”

Today I was telling the kids about my family.  I shared that I have a mom and a dad, a brother named David, and a sister named Rachel.  I thought about getting into the sister-in-law thing, but I didn’t want to confuse them.  I probably should have just explained it, because soon a little girl said she liked my sandals and asked if I got them for my birthday.  I said that I got them to wear at my brother’s wedding.  She replies, in awe, “your brother is married?  To a woman?  What is her name?”  I said, “yes, he is married to a woman named Rachel.” she thinks about this, then asks in horror, “your sister???”  oh dear… no… it’s real confusing… lots of rachels… hmm…

Boy: “Excuse me teacher, I have a question.  Do you know what planet we live on?  Earth.”

Girl: “Excuse me teacher, I just noticed that you painted your toenails pretty.”

While the children are working, I hear a student say “What the hell is a bad word?!” – I assume she is inappropriately asking what a bad word is, and am about to talk to her about her language.  Then I realize she is telling her friend that she is actually telling her friends that the phrase “what the hell” is a bad word.  Still not ok – but so different than what I heard at first.

After singing a song where the children do things like wiggle their fingers up high, down low, etc, then “put them out of sight” a boy quietly reflects that “out of sight is an interesting word.”

Ooh, I think that I have been sitting still for too long, since my motion detector lights just turned off.  I should probably start my time of productivity.

Yay school??


2 thoughts on “The First Day Is Not My Favorite

  1. I’m so glad you are back at school so you can entertain me with the amazing things children say. And, 2 Rachels is quite confusing. I’m actually rather impressed that the student remembered you had a sister named Rachel.

  2. Lady, I love your blog! I didn’t even think about the fact that Kindergarteners REALLY don’t know how to be in school. Keep the stories coming – they make me smile!

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