Airplanes and arrival!

amber and I have arrived and are lounging in Miranda’s apt. Everything went well traveling. We were hoping to see Beth Moore in the Houston airport, but did not.

Our flight to Texas was on a miniature airplane. I was almost too tall to walk down the aisle. There were 2 seats on one side and 1 seat on the other. We were relieved that the overnight flight was much more spacious. We spent all of our preflight time planning out our movie and tv viewing for the evening. There were so many options – we needed a gameplan.

I slept great – a little Tylenol pm, an eye mask, a travel pillow and a blanket… What more does a traveler need? I was a little perplexed to look up in the morning and see the man across the aisle sitting in his seat shaving.

I was pretty sure the immigration officer thought that 2 of my $20 bills were counterfeit. She kept holding them up to the light and comparing them to the others. amber had to wait for me for approximately 5 years before the lady finally asked her supervisor, who let me through immediately. I mean if I were going to pAy with counterfeit money, why would I pay the majority of the fee with legitimate dollars?

We found Diego with no problem. He had a giant green sign with our names and an 8×10 picture of us taken from my winter facebook album. Amber and I are dressed in horrid/awesome Christmas sweaters and standing in front of the elves’ workshop. Amazing! He got us to miranda’s and now we are relaxing… Waiting until she gets home from work before we venture out into the big city!

Testing… Testing…

This is mostly a test to make sure that posting from my iPod actually works. In a few hours I will be leaving to escape this summer heat by traveling to winter.

In the meantime, here are some enjoyable moments from up at the lake with the fam.

1) David and Rachel arrived late Saturday night with a surprise rachel with them. Fun!
2) rachel brought us candy necklaces. My fav!
3) mom and I “made” the futon for rachel and David. This involved laying the blankets and pillows out the wrong way so the length of the bed would only fit a pair of midgets.
4) crappie fishing with 6 of us in the boat. A bit of a clown car…
5) all sorts of relaxation, reading, boating, and summer fun

6)  We dropped off our dog with Grandma, who in exchange gave us a fresh homemade peach pie.  Delicious?  yes.  a fair trade?  hmm…

Flying Solo

Today I drove up north for family vacay.  Due to an unusual set of summer circumstances, I caravaned with my parents, but did not carpool with any siblings.  This equaled out to be three hours of personal driving time. 

Other than listening to awesome music, I amused myself by spotting ridiculous things alongside the road.  Unfortunately, due to all the driving, I have no photographic evidence, so use your imagination please. 

Some of my favorite sights include:  a giant chef statue along the side of the road; a tiny elderly man with tall socks and a fisherman’s hat driving a convertible; an old fashioned car that may have escaped from Valleyfair filling up with gas at the modern gas station pumps; a car that was towing a small castle behind it; and hmm… surely there were more things, but I am drawing a late-night-blank.  I distinctly remember thinking numerous times throughout the trip: “bahahaha – that is ridiculous.  I wish I had someone to laugh at that with me” – but alas, I did not, and now I can’t even remember them all to share them with you.  *sigh*

Nail Salon? Or lunchroom? So confusing…

Yesterday was my last day of teaching summer school, and I was about to leave when I walked past the lunch table where a bunch of little girls were huddled together, chatting it up in Spanish.  I noticed a girl from my class had this small box, so I tried to scope out what it was.  She showed it to me, and it was a box of long pink fake fingernails.  At this point, all the girls in the group excitedly showed me that their friend was sharing the long pink fake fingernails and they were all wearing one or two on a random finger.  SUPER creepy.  .  But it was the last day of summer school (for me) so I thought “hmmm… what will their mother’s say?”  I don’t really care I guess – I’m outta here.”  The end.

The Car Repair Show

Tim and Aaron came up to fix Aaron’s car, which, unbeknownst to us, was stalled outside our townhouse.  We are naturally helpful girls, so we went outside while they worked, pulled up a spot of grass, sat back, and enjoyed the car repair show.  All we were missing was the popcorn.  As bonuses, we got to go with the boys to Fleet Farm, AND batman and superman rode their bikes past our house.  No joke.  It was amazing.

Tomorrow we will attempt to see Inception.  If you are keeping score at home, this will be our fourth attempt.  Wish us luck.

Memorable Moments Camping

This weekend my friends and I went to a state park that felt like we were up north, but really were only like an hour away from home.  Here are some snapshots of the fun and adventures that we had.  They may or may not be in any specific order…

1. David and I went grocery shopping for the trip.  I was prepared for a highly entertaining trip to the grocery store, and while it did take FOREVER to find everything on our list, since the list was VERY specific, we didn’t have too much trouble making decisions.  David even pushed the cart while I manned the list.  We were a pretty great team.  He says I could have done it faster without him, but it was a lot easier with him there.  Good job, buddy!

2.  Tim made “camp songs” mix cds for each of the cars.  YESSSS.  The first song was called Minnesota.  You can listen to it here.  Ridiculous.  And Amazing.

3.  Canoeing on Saturday – we had four boys and four girls and we were highly entertaining to those around us as we tried to figure out how to randomly pair off for the canoes.  In the end, the girls and guys each huddled up and picked another 1-4 and then canoed with the person who picked the same number.  This nearly didn’t work, as David and Nate both said they picked 2.  Nice try guys – but someone has to canoe with me!

4.  At one point, Jeromie and Amber had gotten WAY ahead of us.  They realized we were no longer nearby (as David and I had stopped paddling and the other two canoes had gone to check out some turtles sunning themselves on a rock)  So they stopped their canoe on a fallen tree on the side of the river.  Nate and Tiffany were attempting to canoe under some low tree branches, when a tree branch grabbed on the Tiffany’s shirt and wouldn’t let go, and caused them to tip over.  It was very tragic.  (I will only call it entertaining if Tiffany’s camera heals itself).  David and I looked ahead and noticed Amber and Jeromie, sitting and watching with front row seats.  Amber looked like she was at the movies, and she was lounging in the canoe, fascinated by the scene in front of her, munching on some trail mix.

5.  Tim made us pancakes shaped like MN, snakes, and other really incredibly random things.  You might think “are you sure he didn’t make blobs and then tell us they were meant to be like certain things?”  no – I watched him work very hard on his edible artwork.

6.  We wanted to go swimming at this great beach that we canoed by.  A map was consulted, ( and left behind) and we set out into the woods.  We followed a precarious trail along the river bank (seriously it is a good thing I was a little more coordinated than my usual self or I could have fallen in the river!)  and eventually found the beach.  CRISIS!  How do we cross over the water to get to this little sandy island??  We were separated by a disgustingly green and filmy marsh that looks something like this:

fortunately there was a small log  that had fallen across the river.  Aaron wowed us all by crossing it.  Tiffany started to follow suit, then realized that there was no way she would make it across (we were all feeling the same way)  so we all stepped gingerly through the nastified swamp water, wondering how on earth Aaron made it look so effortless. (He was already at the beach).  Then we remembered he climbs trees for a living.

7.  Tim left his tent so that us girls would not have to be so crowded the second night.  However, we were at a neighboring campsite.  We wouldn’t want to have to sleep next to the boys’ tent!  So… we took out the stakes and carried the tent down the road.  It was ridiculous.

8.  We went swimming in the river (don’t worry – we were safe and smart and stayed close to shore where we could touch and the current wasn’t too strong.  This was definitely a trip highlight for everyone.  SO fun!!  At one point, Aaron says one of my favorite quotes of the trip: “It is like a bad dream where you can’t run fast and a David is chasing you!”

9.  There were lots of other random moments of fun and joy, but I am very tired now, because I got probably 2-4 hours of sleep the first night of camping (my stomach felt like baby squirrels were trying to eat it.  I blame my yellow fever shot I got earlier that day)  so now I must get some rest.