Whale watching and dog stalking

Yesterday we were so excited to go on a ten hour city tour from Montevideo to Punta Del Este. We got up early, strategicially showered in one of the few hostel bathrooms before most of the hostel-ites were awake, ate toast with dolce de leche, and awaited our bus to pick us up. After waiting for a while, we asked the hostel worker dudes who looked into it for us. Apparently the punk workers the night before never confirmed our reservation and now it was too late 😦

So we headed to the bus station where we started our own tour of the beautiful city of Punta del Este, taking a two hour bus ride to get there. We are pretty glad we didn’t take the real tour, because we would have missed out on the following:

– a stray dog following us for at least four hours. Seriously – we did not want to be friends. Why did it like us? The stupid dog even waited outside the restaurant while we ate our lunch for an hour. We definitely did not pet it or make eye contact, but at least it was a pretty clean and healthy dog and not a creepy one!

-we ate lunch at one of the most ridiculous places of our trip. What made it so riduclous is the waiter guy. We are fairly certain that he is in the mafia. And he sang to us when delivering our food. Sometime we like to play a game called “guess what the Spanish speaker is saying to Miranda”. It is a fun game, really. We guessed that the mafia waiter told Miranda that he was from Verona Italy and had ties to the families of Romeo and Juliet. His mom and dad moved to Montevideo, Uruguay, but soon discovered that it was a gelato-free zone, so they relocated to Punta del Este. Seems likely, right?

– we walked along the coastline – first the ocean, the turned at the end of the peninsula and walked along the river. It was a gorgeous day out! We even went without cardigans for a while! The ocean was a brilliant sapphire blue and the sand was so fine and soft! We definitely sat/laid on the beach for quite a while at the end of the day. It was so relaxing. Did I meantion there was a giant hand coming out of the ground? After seeing this sculpture, we wanted to dig down and see if we could find the whole arm!

– apparently whales come close to shore this time of year. We put a minimal amount of effort into watching for them, but sadly did no see any.

– lots of famous people have houses here… Such as Shakira and Ralph Lauren. Judging by the number of people we saw wearing giant sunglasses, we are fairly certain we saw so many famous people, so that is exciting!

All in all, minus the pesky dog, this was one of my favorite days. Relaxing and beautiful! Just what we needed at this point in the trip.

Today we woke up to find the power was out at the hostel. Boo and a half! It was sketchy enough in their showers. No way we were attempting that in the dark! We packed up our backpacks and hung out at the beach for a while before heading to the bus station, where Amber and I had delicious mcFlurries. WAY better than the ones back home!

Our South American adventures are wrapping up. We just have this bus ride that I am writing from, a ferry, a taxi, the subway, a shuttle, and two plane rides before we are back in Minnesota!

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