Looking for Sheep

Uruguay is very fancy and they have wifi on their bus to Montevideo! I am looking out the window for sheep as we drive through the countryside, because basically the only thing I know about Uruguay is they are famous for their wool. So far I have only seen cows. Maybe they keep all their sheep in a magical sheep pasture away from the highway.

This morning amber and I got up at the crack of dawn. No, actually it was earlier than that. We got up about 2.5 hours before the sunrise to walk to check out of the hostel, walk to the subway, take multiple lines to get to the spot where we were meeting Miranda. Then we walked to the port and went through customs before getting on the ferry to Uruguay. We watched a beautiful sunrise over the river as we departed.

After a brief siesta, we arrived in Uruguay. Yes, this is a real country. Look at a map.

We spent the day meandering through the quaint little town of Colonia. We spent our time in the historic neighborhood along the river (which looked suspiciously like the ocean, but the map claims is a river). It was charming – reminded me a little bit of Antigua, Guatemala, with the cobblestone streets, colored building fronts, adorable streetlights, and gated windows with flowers etc. We also took note of the interesting modes of transportation for rent, and enjoyed watching people nervously drive their rented mopeds past us. Perhaps they should have stuck with walking, like we did

We went to a few museums and saw what life was like in the past few centuries. Although we should have been able to see that by just looking around the village, since theguidebook did tell me that Colonia is “untouched by time”.

We are now on a bus to Montevideo. We will be glad to check in to our hostel so that we can stop carrying our backpack everywhere.

Since I can’t upload any pictures right now, I will just tell you to loom forward to a picture of me with a miniature trolley.

Time to return to watching for sheep!