Navigational Wizards

If there is a musical genre called Hipster Tango, last night we experienced it.  As part of the World Tango Festival, we had tickets to a tango concert – it was tango music mixed with other styles, including a little rap!  It was SUPER cool, and we loved it, and we loved watching the little four year old girl in front of us dance to the music.  She was pretty enchanted by our English skills as well.

Today Amber and I (and my map) took on the Palermo neighborhood.  We are quite proud of our accomplishments, because we navigated our way to: a botanical garden (apparently it is the wrong season for flowers though), a beautiful garden with lakes on it, where we used our awesome Spanish skills (good job Amber!) to rent a paddleboat!  We paddleboated amongst the ducks, turtles, and sleeping park workers.  Enchanting!  And then we went to a Japanese garden!  It is like I was back in Tokyo (well, not really, but S. America tried, and did pretty good!)

I can’t write more because Amber and I have a new home at a hostel and we  must leave here before the subways close.  We are backpacking to Uruguay for the weekend.  Not sure if the internet has gone to Uruguay yet (or rather I don’t know if the hostel will have wifi) so you may or may not hear from me this weekend.

It will be exciting to get another stamp in my passport!!