Dolce de Leche: the other food group

I don’t know how Amber and I will manage when we return to the states and do not get our daily fill of dolce de leche. It is in everything here! ( or at least in everything sweet!)

Today we had some of the world’s best ice cream. It was from a place called Freddo – right across from the cemetary where Evita is buried. Before coming to Argentina Amber checked out a tourist video from the library and the lady in it apparently personally recommended this ice cream to Amber. We split a big thing of it and got to try Irish cream, mint chocolate chip, and of course dolce de leche with brownie! It was amazingly delicious. I have never had such flavorful ice cream in my life! It was like a flavor explosion in my mouth with each bite!

We also went to several museums today. Thank you CIFA for teaching me about all sorts of famous artists so that I could appreciate my cultural experiences today!

Tonight Amber and I are being kicked out of the house. The landlord apparently was not overly excited about our extended stay :(. So we are relocating to a hostel. This will just add to our adventure. Wish us luck as we make new friends!

We will be going to a world tango festival concert tonight. People here might be illiterate because they seem to have trouble reading the no smoking signs. We are debating whether this will be an issue again tonight. Should we change into our “smoking” jeans? Or risk exposing a clean pair to the cigarette smoke? Life is full of hard choices…

One thought on “Dolce de Leche: the other food group

  1. I’m now picturing your “smoking” jeans paired with a smoking jacket, ala pepe le pew. It is making me laugh. I so wish you had a smoking jacket.

    Also, so glad CIFA was helpful for you. Glad that college education is paying off.

    Happy tangoing…

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