We did not go on a jungle safari.

You are welcome.

That’s right, I am making good on my promise and I am going to share some pictures with you from the week. Below, you will see things such as the inside of Casa Rosada (which I’m sure you read previously about our visit there)

You probably have been clicking the “refresh” button on your computer incessantly for the past few days, just so excited to see pictures of la Boca – the most colorful neighborhood you will ever see…

And I’m SURE that you can hardly contain yourselves for waiting on the highly anticipated pictures of our famous pizza outing!  We certainly will never be eating cheese again, and you probably won’t need to either after just LOOKING at this picture!

Here are some things you most likely didn’t even KNOW you were excited to see:

Visiting the Obelisco at night:

Learning to make empanadas with Miranda (you can expect to eat some at the next Fiesta Without Socks we throw in honor of our time in Argentina):

And a memory from today: our trip to el Tigre.  A cute, quiet town, on the Tigre River.  It was an enjoyable afternoon out of the big city.  You will note from the picture below that we were living on the edge and didn’t even wear our fleeces!  You will also be interested to know that we did not go on a jungle safari, even though our Tigre Best Friend really wanted us to go on a zodiak ride through the jungle.  We were tempted, had it been southern hemisphere summer and cheaper, but in the end we went on a traditional river boat cruise, and enjoyed the surroundings near the brown river water.

A final image to leave you with, is the fashion statement that Amber and I are making on Argentina.  She made fun of my awesome idea of socks with flip flops at first, but then when Ezekiel (one of Miranda’s roommates) was also rocking this great style (or practical solution to a cold apartment and not wanting to step directly on any cockroaches), Amber was won over, and is excited to wear her outfit out on the town in Mpls.

Love to you all!

p.s.  I apologize for typos of my post below from yesterday.  I was typing it from my ipod, and it was too much work to fix all the typos and misspelled words.  Please do not judge me.


3 thoughts on “We did not go on a jungle safari.

  1. Thanks for sharing these images and stories, Laura. Between you and Amber, I feel almost like I’m there with you. And that’s good since Amber knows how much (little) I like to travel. That’s exactly why I’ve always encouraged her to see the world. Stay safe and keep having fun!

    Amber’s mom

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